The Company

The inception of Swiss International lies back in the 80’s, when an association was created by and for Swiss hotelier’s elites and graduates of Swiss hotel schools. The initial purpose of the company was to form a “brotherhood of Swiss hoteliers” around the world with social contact and exchange as the main benefits.

Throughout the years more hoteliers saw the opportunity to generate some financial benefits from the organization. Swiss International Hotels then evolved into a hotel consortium, where next to the brand, sales, marketing, reservation and support services were offered.

In 2010, the present holding Swiss International Hospitality Commons was created and the strategy changed to exploit the chain Swiss International as a real hotel brand rather than as an association.

The company offers license arrangements for hotels and management services, ranging from full Operational Management, Technical Services, HR Management, Marketing, Sales, Revenue management, SEO and Distribution Management.

Swiss International has recently moved its Global Operations Centre from Gland, Switzerland to Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates, because of the proximity to the fast developing markets such as the Middle East,Africa and Asia.